Training for Transition in Litchfield



Transition Litchfield is happy to offer a weekend workshop for people interested in becoming leaders and participants in a cooperative, secure, and peaceful transition to the post petroleum era.


Saturday and Sunday, 25 and 26 February 2012, 9am-5:30pmBantam Borough Hall, 890 Bantam Road, Rt 202, Bantam, (a village of Litchfield), CT

The Transition Movement addresses the global challenges of peak oil, climate disruption and economic contraction with a positive approach that focuses on local solutions and building community resilience.

Training for Transition is the in-depth experiential workshop created by the global Transition Network,  It describes how to set up, run, and maintain a successful local Transition initiative.  The 15-hour course is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to engage your community, and delves into both the theory and practice of Transition that has worked in hundreds of communities around the world.  This is the training that enables local initiating groups to become internationally recognized Transition initiatives.

Who should attend?  People interested in learning about the Transition Movement in depth in order to promote it in their communities.

You will be part of a highly interactive event that will connect you to your neighbors who share your concerns for positive, effective action                                                                                       •You will learn how to describe the triple challenge of peak oil, climate instability, and economic deterioration, and move people to action.                                                                                                     •You will explore ways to create and strengthen your local community                                                                                            •You will connect with others who share your concerns and are on a similar path.                                                                                 •You will become a part of a rapidly growing positive, inspirational, global movement.

Instructors: Tina Clarke and Alistair Lough, certified Transition Trainers

Cost:  $125 before 2/18/2012, $150 thereafter.

As there will be limited places at this workshop, kindly let us know asap via email,, if you are interested in attending and that you will be sending your registration.

Refreshments and materials included.  Bring a bag lunch or order a box lunch with registration. A limited number of scholarships will be offered. Consider a donation towards scholarships; your generosity will help those with low incomes to attend.

Suggested Preparation:   The Transition Primer (free pdf),  The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience by Rob Hopkins. The new sequel to the Transition Handbook, The Transition Companion by Rob Hopkins, will be available for sale for $14 at the training.

Your hosts: Transition Litchfield initiating group:   Kay Carroll, Lynn Fulkerson, Andy Graves, Rosemarie Greco, Barbara Putnam, Joan Spear

Questions: email to or phone: Joan Spear at 860-567-0554, or Barbara Putnam at 860-567-4465

To download and print a registration form: T4T registration form- 20120208

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