Beekeeping Workshop


WHEN:            SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2012, 2PM

WHERE:            CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING, 90 CABBAGE LANE, BETHLEHEM INSTRUCTOR:  Alphonse Avitabile, Zoologist, Retired UConn Professor and acclaimed bee researcher and author.

Honey Bees

Photograph by Stephen Buchman

COURSE FEE:   $45.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY APRIL 11, 2012 (after that date please call for availability)  Visit for registration form.

This workshop is suitable for beginners or intermediate, urban or rural beekeepers, who want to support honey-bees in the face of growing concerns about colony collapse disorder and the decline in numbers of pollinators that visit fruit and vegetable plants we rely on for food. During the workshop, Al Avitabile will demonstrate installing a new bee package into a top bar beehive.  The class will also visit his bee yard, also  in Bethlehem, for an in depth exposure to beekeeping.

Al Avitabile will teach the important need-to-know information about beekeeping.  Al is a retired professor of zoology (University of Connecticut) and a well-known bee researcher, teacher and author.  The fourth edition of the book “The Beekeeper’s Handbook”, that he coauthored with Diana Sammataro, will be available for purchase and signing.


To Register, please visit and click on Educational Programs.  Print out a registration form and mail to PO Box 365, Bethlehem, CT 06751.

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