Transition Litchfield Business Highlight: The Bantam Market

Opened under new management in April of 2011, owners Dave and Deb Brenner have created a local epicurean hub right here on the main drag in Bantam. Dave and Deb Brenner also own and operate the Northfield Market in Northfield Connecticut. Dave was kind enough to take a few minutes and talk about his business with me.  As you walk into the Bantam Market, you will notice the well lit and visually aesthetic placement of brightly colored products and produce. Don’t be scared when you hear thunder in the background; that’s just the soundtrack playing as the produce gets a light misting.

The Bantam Market features a large variety of food products from a large variety of producers.  Dave reports that his business is a different kind of animal from the chain grocery stores altogether. “You don’t see the owners walking around in a chain grocery store.” “It’s just a different atmosphere.” I can attest to Dave’s claim. The Bantam Market is owned by a local resident. The employees are local residents; and you guessed it, the majority of customers are local residents. Dave goes even further to support local food and personable producers. He stated that he has several great relationships with local farmers and during the offseason he offers organic hydroponic lettuce from Armenia NY. As the summer rolls in you can expect to find locally grown lettuces, corn and tomatoes. Dave is currently working on selling locally produced meat. Dave states that as a local business it is a natural extension for him to support other local entrepreneurs. I asked Dave if he relies on community support in order to compete with the chain grocery store located just five minutes up the street and he states that at this point in time he relies on the variety of food in his store to attract customers. It is this author’s hope to recognize Dave and Deb for their efforts to support and be supported by local business and that Litchfield residents will take their business down the street and support The Bantam Market.



Gregson Pullen

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