June’s Film: Urban Roots


LITCHFIELD – 28 May 2012

Transition Litchfield’s next film, Urban Roots, will be at the Litchfield Community Center on Wednesday, June 20th, at 7PM. 

A tour of Litchfield’s Community Garden, located at the intersection of Brush Hill Road and Route 202, right across from the Community Center, will be offered at 6:00 PM. 

All are invited for refreshments and social time at 6:30. 

The film will start at 7:00, and will be edited to run for less than an hour, to allow time for discussion afterwards. 


Urban Roots is a documentary on the emergence of urban farming in Detroit, directed by Mark McInnis.  It is the story of a group of dedicated Detroiters working tirelessly to fulfill their vision for locally-grown, sustainably farmed food in a city where people have found themselves cut off from real food and limited to the offerings of fast food chains, mini-marts, and grocery stores stocked with processed food mostly from thousands of miles away. The people of Detroit have taken on the enormous task of changing this for themselves, and to understand their story is to understand how we can change it for us all.

The film follows the inspiring stories of several agricultural programs, each one designed to address a specific issue. Not only are the organizations amazingly productive and emotionally driven, but the people tilling the soil and picking the harvest have fantastic stories to tell.

“Urban Roots is an inspiring film about the emergence of urban farming in Detroit; it shows what’s possible after the collapse of the industrial era and how we begin building a sustainable future for all.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Running Time: 75 minutes

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