What Happened at Our Community Celebration!

Our Community Celebration was all we imagined it could be and more.

On Sunday afternoon, 23 Litchfield groups, clubs and organizations set up their posters on the walls of the Activity Shed at White Memorial and over 80 people gathered for stimulating conversation, tasted starters provided by local restaurants*, ate a yummy supper cooked by Transition Litchfield and sashayed through a country dance with Patricia Campbell and the Reel Deal. 

*Bantam Bread, Community Table, Hometown Pizza, Litchfield Inn/Bistro Café, March Farm, Senor Panchos, Stop ‘n’ Shop, The Smithy, The Village Restaurant, Tollgate Tavern, West Shore Seafood, Wild Carrot Farm and the Transition Litchfield Initiating Group

What Happened:

After 45 minutes of viewing materials from and learning more about Litchfield’s groups and organizations, Teresa Hargrave, executive coach and group process facilitator, brought us together to consider and discuss 3 questions. The conversations were powerful and authentic and everyone was engaged.

1. Why are you here this afternoon? What struck you from your small group conversation?2.What excites you from your conversation?                                                                                             3.What would you like to see in the future that supports community resilience/self- sufficiency? 

Opportunities to get together and discuss our common interests
Continuing the monthly film series, on topics such as sustainable agriculture, alternative energy and transportation, environmental awareness, living consciously and simply, building local businesses, and creating community.  The film evenings include refreshments and discussion time after the film.
Developing alternatives to one person per car transportation, using web services like nextdoor.com to coordinate car pooling
Block parties – getting together with neighbors so we know what resources and needs the neighbors have
Including youth and elders in our future plans
Overcoming isolation – getting to know each other and reaching out to those in need
Developing a more efficient rail system
Developing solar, bio-fuel and wind energy resources locally
Growing more food locally
Developing a five year economic development plan to include all these initiatives

We also had a skills needed, skills offered board and plan to create an online arena for community interaction.

Children’s activities were led by local teachers, Dolores Gilbert, Blair Fischer and Sarai Gutierrez and involved making poetry with a nature theme and a nature scavenger hunt.

Who We Are:

Transition Litchfield is a group of people who care about the future of our town. We are connected loosely to the Transition Town global community of 100’s of towns and follow their guidelines on how to work as a leaderless group and …. Each town is different, with different needs and each group will have different ideas on how to solve problems and support each other. Our focus is on what concerns us personally in our town: Building Community, Building Energy Independence and Building Local Resilience. We have started to do this by creating opportunities for inclusive conversations about ways to create resiliency and sustainability in these challenging times.

What’s Going to Happen in September:

In September we are planning a “Great Unleashing” event at which time we will launch working groups who wish to move into action on any area that they feel excited and compelled to address. Our event will be led by a professional facilitator.  Of course, we will be serving delicious, local food.

At that time the initiating group plans to dissolve and join the action groups that interest us (for example: local farming, addressing the isolation of elders in the community, teaching composting, eco-book club, working on more bike friendly routes,  film festival, and whatever is important and of concern to YOU). Each group will send a representative to form a new steering committee.

Here is a link to a short TED talk by Rob Hopkins, the founder of Transition Towns.

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