Transition Film October 3, 2012

“Transition Totnes” featured in Transition Litchfield’s film series


LITCHFIELD — Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, tells the hopeful and entertaining story of Transition Totnes, his home town, in the film to be shown at the Litchfield Community Center on Wednesday October 3, 2012, refreshments 6:30 pm, film showing 7 pm with discussion to follow.  In this 19 minute TED talk, he says it is a story that can change the world.


Like Litchfield, Totnes has high home prices, a dwindling job market, and many people living on low incomes.  Hopkins approaches the future with optimism and a sense of possibility by treating the enormous challenges of peak oil and climate change as an opportunity to design the way we will live with less energy in the future.


The wealth of a town is drained away by supermarkets, energy companies, and internet shopping.  To stop this loss of wealth, Totnes started a local energy company, planted hundreds of almond trees, and created a local currency.  Transition Totnes created an energy descent plan and an economic blueprint, which maps the potential of the local economy.  The blueprint has been adopted by the local town council.  A local entrepreneurs’ forum has helped form local businesses that work within natural limits, promote local resilience, are not purely for profit, have low carbon emissions, promote localization, bring assets into the local community.  Transition Streets works with neighborhoods to look at water, energy and other topics, with each family not only being able to cut their energy costs, but also getting to know their neighbors.  Transition doesn’t just solve problems, it brings people together.


Join your neighbors for refreshments at 6:30, to see the film at 7:00 and to discuss it afterwards.  Admission is free; donations to the Community Center are welcome and appreciated.


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