Film: The Cheese Nun on March 6, 2013

The Cheese Nun – March 6

Wednesday, March 6, Litchfield Community Center. 
Social time 6:30 PM, film starts at 7 PM.  Free. 
Donations to Community Center appreciated.

This entertaining and enlightening documentary follows Sister Noella Marcellino on her fascinating and personal journey through some of the most remote cheese-making regions of France, seeking out the secrets of champion cheese-makers.   Sister Noella is a Benedictine nun at the cloistered community of the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT.  She was inspired to pursue the perfect cheese after being named the official cheese-maker of the Abbey.  Sister Noella has a doctoral degree in molecular and cell biology/microbiology and studied under a Fulbright scholarship in France to collect and examine native strains of fungi from traditional cheese caves.  She stayed an additional three years analyzing samples on a grant from the French government.  Her scientific interest in the process has led her to become an international expert in the art of natural milk cheese-making and a noted proponent in the preservation of tradition and biodiversity.  Running time 52 minutes.   


The following day, Thursday, March 7, The Women’s Forum is hosting Sister Noella Marcellino to speak on cheese making French style and the development of the award winning Abbey Cheese.  At the Community Center.  2:30 PM.  Guests – $5.00.  Members of the Women’s Forum free.

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