Litchfield Grange

The Litchfield Grange closed about three years ago, and the building, on route 202 between the NAPA and the Litchfield Ford at 439 Bantam Road, has stood empty since then. The Connecticut State Grange would like to see the Litchfield Grange reopen, and will have an organizational meeting on November 13th at 7 p.m.

At the most recent gathering of the Transition Litchfield group, there was some discussion of the purposes of the Grange, and they appear to harmonize with the goals of the Transition group: They are both concerned with building community. The Grange has a much longer history, dating back to 1867, serving primarily small towns and farming communities. They focus on community service, legislative advancements, and personal development. Transition developed in the modern era in response to the threats of peak oil and global warming. It seeks to build local self reliance in food, energy, local business and emergency response. They share a common thread of camaraderie and a sense of contributing to something much larger than oneself.

Recently the local food co-op on Toll Gate Hill gave up its retail operation, and has been in contact with the Grange organization about using the building for their monthly buyer’s club meeting and drop off. Many of its members plan to attend Thursday’s meeting, as well.

Find out more about what the Grange has to offer the community of Litchfield at Thursday’s meeting.

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