About the Transition Town Movement

Transition Towns seek to create local solutions to the global trends of peak oil, climate change, and financial turmoil, by developing local resilience.

Transition Litchfield is currently a small initiating group that is working to build awareness of these global problems and of the local resources that can address them.  We promote a monthly film series that includes discussions, and had a large community event in the spring of 2012.  We sponsored the training of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). We use this blog to promote local initiatives that support local food production, emergency preparedness, and community building. The initiating group meets occasionally for planning, discussion and sharing a meal.  Please contact us at transitionlitchfield@gmail.com to learn more and to join us.

The first Transition Town was Totnes, in England.  Rob Hopkins, the founder of the movement, has written two books about Transition:  The Transition Handbook, published by Chelsea Green, and The Transition Companion,  available for sale from the Wisdom House book store.  Wisdom House is at 229 East Litchfield Road, Litchfield CT 06759.  Call 860 567 3163 for book store hours.  Books are $20 by mail.

Transition Towns are forming all over the world.  For current information consult http://www.transitionnetwork.org/ and http://transitionus.org/

Here is an excellent intro to Transition Towns by Rob Hopkins at a TedX conference.



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